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Tote Bag
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Handcrafted with love, so please handle with care =)

If you'd like a personalization or orders in bulk please get in touch with us for assistance and special bulk discount.

14" Width and 15" Height

Made of 100% Cotton, Very spacious, Strong handles

Easy to be carried in hand or wear on your shoulder

Our Tote Bag is made of 100% Cotton, it has lock stitching inside with compacted stitching throughout , including cross-stitching at the handles for maximum strength,

allowing the bag to hold up extra bearing capacity .

It also has 2 reinforced handles (sized 1" Width and 25" Length),

making your Tote Bags very convenient to carry in hand or to wear on your shoulder because it's sturdy enough for a daily use.


People use and discard an average of 700 plastic bags per year and only 1% of it is recycled.

Go Green in a cool & creative way and help saving the planet by not choosing paper or plastic bags.

Tote Bags can be use as Grocery Bag, Teacher Bag, Library Bag, Book Bag, Holidays Bag and other various events.

(For order in bulk and also customized conference bags, promotional bags, wholesale bags orders please get in touch with us for assistance and special bulk discount)

Canvas is a durable material that doesn’t require special storage conditions.

The main thing to remember is to keep it out of direct light as it has a tendency to discolor and lighten if exposed for a long period of time.

If stored in direct light or sunlight, lighter colors take on a yellowish hue.

Keep your canvas bags stored in their dust bags; not only does this prevent discoloration, it also prevents unintentional surface abrasion.

One of the best things about canvas is that it is most often heavyweight, meaning tightly woven, and maintains its shape in storage.

Lightweight canvas may need light stuffing to hold its shape.

Washing Notice:

Be careful when cleaning your 100% cotton bag because the washing shrinkage rate exceeds 10%.


They are not to be machine-washed.

We recommend to wash ONLY by hand in cold water. You can spot-clean as needed.Turn Garment inside out.

Only damp washcloth, cold water and a little bit of mild soap. No Fabric Sofetner. No Bleach.

Gently scrub your bag avoiding the print the most as possible as this can affect the color and print if you scrub too hard!

Hang the bag by each strap to air dry.

Hang dry is necessary before high- temperature ironing. DO NOT iron over design.

Please notice that this bag is 100% cotton and the fabric may not return to the original flatness.

Flash drying and machine wash shall be prohibited.

A laundry pen can be used to lessen or remove more moderate marks and stains, but do not over abrade the material, as this will result in pilling and/or fraying.

When it comes to canvas tote bags,

keep in mind this is a natural fiber.

Unlike synthetics, which are engineered for increased strength and durability, canvas requires minimal care to lengthen its lifespan.

We suggest checking on it every four to six months to see if any treatment should be done.

When wearing canvas, regardless of color, avoid constant rubbing against other materials as this will wear down the weave and lead to fraying and holes. For lighter colored or natural canvas, rubbing can also lead to color transfer.

PLEASE NOTICE: your Tote Bag can last significantly longer if used cautiously, for lighter weighing goods.

At Acrylicool by Annie every product is unique because it is handmade with much love and care. For more specific personalization (extra fee may apply) or for quotes for bulk orders (SPECIAL PRICE) please contact us at or schedule an appointment here

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