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Pure Love

Acrylic Cup 16oz
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Handcrafted with love, so please handle with care =)

If you'd like a personalization or orders in bulk please get in touch with us for assistance and special bulk discount.

6" high, holds 16oz. Plastic. Straw. Insulated double wall.

BPA FREE. NON-TOXIC. Splash-proof lid. Warm drinks stay warm!

Cold drinks stay cold! it has double walls that thermo-regulate your drinks.


Thick Acrylic Insulated double walls with Vacuum-sealed insulation.

Cold drinks stay cold! Warm drinks stay warm!

It has double walls that thermo-regulate your beverage.

Obviously color-coding is a great way to stop someone stealing your drink, and a must-have for allergy sufferers.

Splash Proof Lids: Lid comes with tight straw seal. While we can’t say a few drops won’t escape, we can say you won’t be cleaning up a giant orange juice mess from your carpet.


Splash-Proof and easy to clean.

Lightweight and breeze to quickly hand wash.

Each cup is 6” high and holds 16oz of your favorite beverage. I

s the most fun way to stay hydrated during hardcore gym sessions, make long days at the office a tad more bearable, or cool down at the beach with a refreshing smoothie or iced drink. BPA FREE, Non-Toxic.


Reusable cups have a longer lifespan so their overall disposal impact is much lower than single use cups by:

- Reducing Waste;

- Saving Resources;

- Break Resistant;

- Recyclable;

- It's Stylish

- Hand-washing with cold water is more efficient than washing with hot water.

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